The neutral car design: Communicating our product and brand identity

March 31, 2022

The idea of using a digital representation of a vehicle came across while working on the new brand language.

High Mobility is the only self-serve connected car data platform. Businesses use High Mobility to build their perfect blend of data points to optimize and scale their products. We enable the connected car data loop by translating all car data in one single language and place. Working with such an intangible digital product, brings several challenges to the table when it comes to design communication.

Car design for car data api

In order to represent and explain our product, we envision a representation of a vehicle. Our goal was to use that vehicle to draw a parallel between tangible and intangible products. The initial brief was : “A sculptural rounded box with no wheels and few details”

Car design for car api product

We called that vehicle, the neutral car. The term neutrality is very linked to our DNA and products. This idea of being a neutral server, transparent and connecting both ends.

This sculptural shape had to be abstract to represent that idea, but at the same time seen as today´s vehicle. The goal was to create a tool to visualize and explain our product rather than starting a discussion around car design.

Car design for connected car service

The development phase had several stages. We partnered with an experienced car 3D poly modeler to start our volume shape exploration phase. During this initial stage we studied and researched several segments until deciding for a type SUV coupe .

Car design for connected car product

The neutral car conveys a robust character within its stance and proportions. We defined our language by formal, powerful volumes that are beautifully balanced by perfectly optimized volume and proportions. The sculpted body side connects seamlessly via a product design treatment, the front and rear end. We designed the vehicle keeping proportions of an automobile but reducing the elements and details to the minimum.

car website design

Using such a representation provides a great tool to illustrate and communicate our products. Several images of the neutral car are used across our platform as a communication instrument. The use of this universal visual symbol takes our communication and design language to another level, speaking in human terms. We are speaking with warmth and passion to an everyday growing audience.